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Suunto A-10 Compass Cheap Alternative

Suunto A-10 Compass is lightweight and compact. This is a compass for minimal map orientation and navigation. It has the feature like clear base plate, declination adjustment, and black and white bezel. It only cost $ 16.49. So it is inexpensive. It has enough features for simple trekking.

It already inexpensive but still in the market, there are lots of option, Cheaper than Suunto A-10 Compass, My choice is EYESKEY DC45-5C. This Compass is also lightweight and portable and Inch and millimeter scales for mapping or plotting. Protractor compass for measuring direction. Lanyard hole on the base plate for easy carrying, It weighs only 1.3oz From Suunto you will get extra feature and cost only $5.46.  Check the picture below

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LumiParty Professional Mini Compass it cost only $0.78.

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would you try EYESKEY DC45-5C ? yes i will get little commision. Please Comment.

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